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Re: 5000TQ police cruiser - true story!

I was in Jordan two years ago, and one of the coolest things I saw there was that the
police all drive blue 5000S quattros. Army too.


glen powell wrote:

> I believe that I have met the below police chief. He had retired and was working as
> an armed guard at the cabletron facility in Andover MA (nee SMC). [if you know
> about cabletron you know why they need armed guards at every facility] This
> guy advised me that the car was actually a 5000TQ and that it had been shipped to
> der Fatherland for installation of special electricals and other police-spec equipment,
> special dash, etc. He related the story to me about chasing some guys across a
> snow-covered field and they were in total shock and disbelief at being apprehended
> by an owdee-drivin' officer!
> -glen
> >The Hampton NH police department had a 4KQ about 10-12 years ago.  It was
> >written up in Autoweek.  The Boston area Audi dealers donated it or
> >arranged some deal.  The article also stated that the police chief pulled
> >over a snowmobile that had been running down the road.  The snowmobile
> >tried to get away by crossing a cornfield so the Chief just followed him.
> >That was his first bust in the quattro.
> >Don Hoefer
> >'82 Coupe