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Need '87 5000 Q owners manuel

In message <34F2D62B.E9410478@cgrams.com> Keith Simpson writes:

> Poor guy - asks a simple question and gets 3 different answers!
> How bout . . .
> "1" locks front wheels
> "2" locks rear wheels

I don't think _ANY_ Audis can lock the front differential.

The order in consumer vehicles is usually back first, then centre.  On the 
original 80Q implementation, a pull-out knob had two positions - click one: 
rear, click two: centre.

On the early Audi 80 driving courses in Germany, drivers (me being one) were 
taught to make a sweeping downwards motion with the index and middle finger of 
the right hand when going for the gear shift in an emergency.  One finger 
either side of the knob - the hand pulls the locks on while on its way to the 
Roger Galvin's left hooker is obviously converted from the original system, 
which used two Bowden cables to two small levers - one each side of the 
gearstick.  Anyone with the parts fiche for the ur-quattro is invited to 
astound themselves at the number of moving parts in this system - it's a wonder 
_any_ of the early rally cars ever finished a stage.  But the system does allow 
you to lock whichever differential you like, without worrying about the other 
one.  Rumour has it that there was also a rotating knob for the vacuum-operated 
differentials - turn it to the left to lock the centre and rear in that order, 
and turn it to the right to lock them in the other order.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club