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Dash bulb replacement : 100 CSQ

Hello q-listers..  Hopefully you can help..

Just got my 100 CSQ Avant back from HBL Service in Tyson's Corner, VA.  They
completed a new head gasket and shifter housing.  The new shifter housing
looks great, and I can't locate any oil under the engine..  BUT..  I got the
car back, and mysteriously the driver's bunwarmer switch light was out and
half of my differential diagram (center console) was not illuminated.
Normally I would take it back, bitching and moaning, but frankly, they spent
two weeks waiting for parts on the car and fixing it, and it always takes
2-3 weeks to get an appointment.  Basically, I'll get it done faster, if I
can figure out how to get to the bulbs.  Any BTDT's on this??  All your help
is, as always, appreciated.

-reed hitchcock
'92 100CSQ Avant