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Re: My thoughts

I didn't say those words attached at the bottom. Please be a little more
careful. I'm in enough trouble as it is without people putting my name on
others' words.

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On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, Carey Lyn wrote:

> I hear what you are saying Sachelle, however quattro lovers come in many
> different ages, shapes, sizes, and colors with many varing beliefs.  I
> think you must consider a little more than just age.  I'm a Christian.
> PLEASE KEEP READING!  I'M NOT GOING TO PREACH!  I choose not to use foul
> language not as some rule or code of Cristianity but because God has done
> immeasurably great things in my life through following Christ whole
> heartedly.  I try not to use foul language because I don't feel that it is
> pleasing to God and that is what I desire to do.  I'm not totally offended
> when other people do use choice words or phrases because not everyone
> shares my beliefs.  On the other hand, I would have to consider if I
> wanted to continue to interact on "Quattro List" if language was 
> excessive.  In The same way people give respect by not trying to censor
> every word or thought someone has, others should try give the same respect
> back by tring minimise highly offensive language or thoughts.  I think if
> we censor everything we never get a true understanding of other people's
> views and we never know who our world is. In turn, we live in a fantasy
> world.
>  Carey Lyn
> PS: I wouldn't mind going on vacation to Fatsy Island where I could dive
> the nices fastest Audis (Avus Quattro 0-60 in 2.9 sec.)
> > Sachelle Babbar decided to speak these words 
> > As for offending someone and censoring anythign, i dont agree with it.  
> > It seems that the youngest person on here would be 16...at the very 
> > youngest...that was how old i was when i joined..but seriously, the 
> > youngest of anyone on here is probable the one who swears the most.