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91 200TQ 20v to autocross?

I just got a 91 200TQ 20v to replace a destroyed S6 wagon.  It has 53k
and original front brakes with new pads.  It runs good with no obvious
performance improvements.  Tires are original size 215/60/HR 15. I have
a set of 15 MSW wheels and snows from S6.

Can someone give me the necessary improvements and the "nice to have"
for use as an infrequent autocross machine?  Do I need to change pads?
brake fluid? plugs and wires?  Should I get special tires?  what type?
Should I fit tires to 15" MSW or different wheel?  What size is best for
200?  How important is the conversion to conventional type front brakes
($4,000 worth)?  What else should I consider for this sport?

Thanks for the help.
Dave Dandro
91 200TQ 20v