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planning a quattro road trip

 The end of July my family and I will be heading to the San Juan
in southwestern Colorado. It is almost a home coming of sorts for the Q.

This trip has turned up the heat on some very needed repairs. Not only
but we will be driving through the desert in mid summer fully loaded.
worries me. I am not at all sure how the quattro will hold up for
periods with A/C on.
 Anyway this is a call to all q-listers to freely offer any advice or
input to
me regarding preparation, sights to see or q-listers along the route.
 In a nut shell we are taking this trip because my wife wants to climb a

mountain named after her great grandfather - Mt Rhoda. I figured we
may as well see the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Monument Valley and Four
corners on the way out there (coming from the Monterey Bay Area, Santa
Cruz county, Ca.). On the way back we'll probably head north and cut
through Utah, Nevada again, go through Tahoe and then home.
 Thats the basic trip. Now the important stuff. I will need to do some
extensive work on my quattro to get her ready. They are as follows:

Tires (Anyone got a line on P700 215.50.15's in the US?)
Coolant system (replace radiator, hoses, flush)
Oil system (replace lines, clean out any build up)
Turbo (noisy)
All Fluids
All filters
Motor mounts (I'll probably have Henning's Werkstat do this)
Struts/strut bushings(85 urq-are these the same as the 4kq struts?
I'd like to use Boge progas for this application. Anyone have a
good source?Blue strut bushings?)

Did I forget anything? I figured to start with I'll have Ron at
do a complete inspection. This will help zero in on the critical areas.
there I'll divide up want I want to do and what I am willing to pay Ron
to do.
Anyway, all insights are appreciated