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100E origins

In message <199802241830.NAA18234@pear.epix.net> waves@EPIX.NET writes:

> I'm not sure that is accurate either. The 'i' designation, such as 318i or
> GTi stood for 'injection'. I wasn't aware that the 100e had any mechanical
> or injection differences from that of a higher priced 100s. Personally, I
> think it's a wonderful idea, being that Audis of the era were notorious for
> power window reg. and switch failures, and for climate control problems. An
> all manual 100 would be prefferable in those instances.

German manufacturers used both 'e' and 'i' for injection.  It was rare in the 
eraly 1980s, and a selling feature.
VW made _extensive_ use of 'e' in the context of 'Formel e' - all to do with 
environmental friendliness.  The Golf 'e' had a button on the end of one of the 
stalks - if you tapped it, it cut the engine (for traffic lights, jams, etc.).  
If you touched either the accelerator or clutch, the engine started 
automatically.  There were 'e' versions of almost all models - sometimes the 
justification was simply a higher top gear.  Is it possible that the 100E had a 
slushbox with an especially high 3rd ratio?

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club