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FW: 9007 bulbs in 9004 DOT headlites?

I tried to fit the 9007 bulbs in my 87 4k (fwd) this weekend to improve
the lighting of the car as suggested by Luis Marques.  What I forgot to
do was to swap the wires.  The result is that the 9007 bulbs are dimmer
then the 9004 and the high beam indicator light stays on all the time.
I will swap the wires tonight.  Now, will I risk the chance of shorting
the bulb if I swap the wrong wires?  Should I put a fuse in line before
I do it?

Also, I noticed that there is a some kind of bracket in the head light
housing and it actually casts a shadow on the lens.  I can see the
benefit of bracket if it's painted silver or chrome plated to reflect
the light, but it's black.  Is this the reason why US head lamps are
less desirable?  I didn't see that type of brackets in my other car.
Has anyone try to cut it out to allow more light to project on to the

87 4000S 146K

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> From: 	Luis Marques[SMTP:marques@rtis.ray.com]
> Sent: 	Friday, February 20, 1998 11:16 AM
> To: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: 	Re: 9007 bulbs in 9004 DOT headlites?
> >  I am wondering if anyone tried to use 9007 bulbs
> > in 9004 US-spec Audi headlites. Do they really improve the night
> > visibility? If somebody have done this, I would like to hear 
> > your opinion about this "conversion".I am tired of being 
> > blind in the dark and want to do something with it.  I know, 
> > I know, Euro lights are great, but they are $430 EACH for my car...
> I have done this on my 4kcsq, just like James Marriott.  Yes, they do
> improve the pitiful US headlamps - at least the ones on the 4k/Coupes.
> With 9007's you get 10W of additional lighting on each low beam, plus
> the pattern is better focused/distributed, with less "hot spots" and
> more side/peripheral illumination.
> Don't expect any miracles on the high beams, though.  They still can
> only be described as "medium".
> A groove has to be cut on the plastic base of the 9007 bulbs in order
> to
> insert them in the headlamps and two wires have to be swapped - If I
> remember correctly they are the low-beam and the ground.  Total cost
> of
> the upgrade should be about $15 :)
Luis Marques
> '87 4kcsq