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Re: F*rd van datapoint

> Over the weekend, rented a 1998 F*rd (how's that for an asterisked four
> letter word? Ducking, nomex on!) one ton van with a 4.2 liter V-6 engine
> and 4 speed slushbox. Drove it 800 miles. Makes 200 hp out of 256 inches,
> not turbo, either. Man! Talk about a strong engine!

Wait, that's twice the size of my engine and less than twice the hp. 
Not impressed.  I think what you were digging was the torque - it just
pulls and pulls and pulls.  Like my F250's 360 ci (metric... 6 liter?)
which won't go fast, but can climb vertical walls with a ton (literally)
of junk in the back.

Huw Powell


'82 (+/-) Audi Coupe & more coffee please