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Re: 90q gas smell

A lister with a 90q complained of a gas smell emanating from his trunk
area.  Some 5000q replies were made.

There was a TSB generated on this subject in 1988.  It relates to the
gas tank vent tubes being pinched by the installation of the tank.
(Each side of the tank top has a tube that goes to a gravity valve and
thence to the charcoal canister up front.  If any of these are pinched,
or, I suppose, broken, a gas smell is generated.)  The TSB may apply
only to early production model 90s, because my Mar 1988 model has the
tubing somewhat differently arraigned than shown in the TSB.  (To see
this tubing, pull back the trunk covering at the back of the seat.)

Incidentally, this TSB is missing from my AllData CD ROM.  When I
contacted AllData on the subject, they were very helpful, sending me two
hard copies by mail.  I suspect they would have done more,
electronically or otherwise, if I had asked.

         ....  Kirby  (kirby.a.smith@lmco.com)
                   New Hampshire, USA
                      2 X 1988 90q