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Re: Ideas for cleaning out old pilot bearing ...

Steve wrote:
> Any ideas for a tool that might be able to help me
> extricate myself from my current situation would be much appreciated!  If I
> could get the thing out I'm sure I could have the car back on the road in a
> few hours ...

Had the exact problem on my 5KTQ. After trying to faricate a puller out
of bolts and washers and trying heating and cooling I ended up doing the
chisel thing.  

Took a good quality chisel and carefully cut into the bearing housing
trying not to gouge into the flywheel. Had to re-sharpen the chisel
quite often.  Did this at two locations about 180 degrees apart.  Was a
real bit?h.  I did gouge the flywheel a little but cleaned it up with a
round file on a drill.  So far it has done fine in 10K miles.

Good Luck!

Littleton, CO