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pull left / pull right ???

Hi Quattrofreunde,

I hope that you can help me out with something that I donít understand.
Above 55 mph my 4KSQ starts pulling to left when the throttle is applied 
and it pulls to the right when I lift the throttle. 

Could that be a bushing ( I just had all A-arm bushings replaced,
						new H&R springs, etc.) ?
I have also noticed that my sub frame bushings donít look very healthy 
(lot of cracks in the rubber) In case that I have to change them
						 is this a bigger job ?

PLEASE, send your comments and suggestions directly to 
			since I am not on the list anymore !!!

				Viel Glueck und Alles Gute
						Zafir in Detroit	
						85 1/2 4KSQ