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Auto to Manual trans swapping

I had a 81 5k with a bad auto trans.  I replaced it with a manual 5-speed
trans and engine from a 84 5k.  The engine swap was easy. The trans was
difficult.  The pedals did not fit properly (cut and pasting required),
The sheetmetal had to be cut away to allow for the manual trans linkage,
The half shafts had to be changed,   Completely replace the throttle
linkage and assembly, etc.

I do not know about the newer cars transmissions, but I think that a
transmission and associated parts from a car that was built the same year
would be the way to go. 
I did not feel that the change was worth all the effort in this case.  May
be it would be easy in a 1990.

Jeff Hemmerlin

95 S6
83 ur-q (for sale/ taxes)