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Koni returns

Got some info....

I sell Konis, mostly to the Xr crowd.  When they break them if they do they
must have the reciept I sent them, and I must have my reciept from when I
bought them from my distributor.  That is the way Koni does business.  It
was not always this way.

Ya'know why?   'Cause they've replaced two billion parts that were ruined
by being installed in lowered cars.  This is MY THEORY, not theirs.

I think they saw alot of parts come back after the slamming craze took
place.  They had to do something.  The cars are too low,(pick up almost any
mag, -2.5"s is the norm)  they use up all their travel and often the rubber
suspension snubbers are cut down to try to get the owner some travel.  The
struts and shocks bottom out inside. Hell they've got to!  They were never
designed to be run like this.

FWIW, the ONLY Konis I've seen fail on the XR4s are on cars that were
lowered 1.5"s or more.  And many had the Eibach springs. The cars with
Konis and my NSPS springs have never failed a Koni.  I've had Koni reds and
yellows on Xrs. I've got 80k iles on the yellows on that car now.

Also, and this may not be true but maybe the yellow sport Koni will work on
a lowered car better than a Koni red.

Bilstein does offer struts/shocks for lowered cars. 

Have you noticed than Eibach among others now offer even lower spring sets
than normal?  Now what strut/shock is going to handle that?  These are 2"s
or more of a drop springs!

So that is my take on why Koni does what they do.  It may seem harsh but
what other recourse do they have?  I know someone will think of one but I
just think they were hit with warranty claims that just weren't their

Now of course there are real legit claims, but how do you weed out the