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Re : Headlights

In message <199802251305.NAA03224@vacgen.vacgen.com> "Dale Wheeler" writes:

> A different way of geting better lights (although iv'e yet to actually try it) 
> is to create a lower resistance path from he battery to the bulb(s), i.e. 
> without travelling half way around the car in the (thin) wiring harness first.
> Having just changed to the pre'82 split lights for my UrQ (the others got 
> smashed) i need brighter lights;I propose trying this with a few relays 
> mouunted near the lights switching power direct from the battery (using the 
> existing wiring to do the switching)

This is a standard modification in the UK.  I have such a harness on my car - 
they're available from BR Motorsport and cost around GBP49.95 - $65?  Don't 
bother going back to the battery - go straight to the alternator output post.
Yes, it makes a _BIG_ difference, even on stock bulbs.
It also allows you to run 170/100 H4s with 100 H1s.  Fixes the ur-quattro 
visibility problem _UTTERLY_.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club