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Re: 100E origins

At least I know on Mercedes models of the era that E was for
"einspritzung" (spelling? I'm just pumping out the German word as
I remember hearing it, I've probably mouthed something foul!! Eek!)
The 'D' was obviously for for diesel and I still remember reading an
article in a CAR magazine about the appropriateness of lettering on
model names, Mercedes were commended on their ability to keep things
simple. :) To that end, what was the German word for "station wagon"
that made Merc put 'T' on them?

Here in South Africa we are used to the 'E' meaning injection on the
Audi line. Carb fed cars were simply marked 400 or 500 (not 4000 or
5000), while injection cars (both the type 44 and the early A6 shapes)
were know as 500e be they either mechanical or electronic  injection.

There was supposedly a early 1980's Audi that was renowned for its
consumption figures, it was marked by a 5th gear labelled as 'E' on
the shift knob. I have never seen one, but my ex-mechanic told me he
remembers them after I mentioned to him something about a gearbox
called "Victory series".

As for it being a good  idea to have a Audi with few electronic bits,
such as electric windows, I'm all for it. I'm tired of people pushing
in my passenger's side electric window switch as they  reckon the
harder you push the faster it will go!! How many times will I still
need to remove the arm rest on that door?!?!?!


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