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Re: Torsen II

Ben Howell wrote:

>   Then I go on to tell myself, "well, exactly how much time am I going to
> spend on the track AND at the limit" Most of the Qclub events that I have
> been to have been (by definition) a "safety seminar". I wouldn't say that I
> was driving at 10/10 at any of these events (with the exception of the time
> I was chasing that blasted 928 @ 2nd creek!). So, now I gotta think that I
> am going to be driving on the street at 1 to 7/10's and the TorSen is not
> only NOT going to bite me, but it should (again, in theory) help me

>  From this chair, it looks to me like TorSen is the way to go. If I wanted
> a car that I can/would drive at 10/10's in any situation, I would NOT buy a
> quattro!

Bingo!  I think that is the really relavant issue here.  95+% of the time it
is your friend.  Always interesting to consider the extremes, but you must
keep an eye on the center of that bell curve.