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re: 4kq fuel line prob

You wrote:

Subject vehicle: 84 4KQ race car

Technical problem: rotten fool line at output of fool filter

Logistical problem: fool line on 3 month backorder from Audi 

Filter requires relatively non-standard fitting on end of metal fool line, a
reverse or bulb flare. There is a fitting that adapts the copper sealing
washer style interface on the filter to the reverse flare.>>
My initial thoughts are to look to a vehicle like the 5000/100/200 that runs
the fuel filter under the hood; seems like a junkyard part could be purchased
and spliced in.  Also: I believe one end of the fitting under the hood is a
flex (short) piece: possible new part to splice in.  How about an auto parts
shop; can they fabricate one for say 1/8 the cost of audi original?

HTH, Chris Miller, windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com