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ALZ? limited-slip?

What the heck is ALZ???

It sounds, based on your description, that this ALZ critter is actually a 100%
locking diff that locks automatically based on detection of spin, I am guessing
though. If this is so, Audi marketing nomenclature not withstanding, I would not
technically characterize it as a 'limited-slip' diff.  would call it automatic 100%
mechanical locking - it is either 100% locked -or- it is open - there is no 'limited-slip'
in the traditional way the term has been used historically.


>There are none of the conventional cones and plates (I know what you mean).  
>The only mechanism I can see is a spring peg that might pop out of its hiding 
>place if the bevel gears in the cage spin too fast.

>Other than that, I can't see how it works.  It looks _very_ similar to the 
>other differentials in the exploded drawings.

>If it _is_ the peg, then operation would be pretty abrupt.  It's open, or it's 
>locked - take your pick.

 >Phil Payne
 >UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club