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Re: Easy brake bleed

Sears would have it for $5. I got mine at a flea for $5. If not auto parts
stores like Pep Boys and Auto Bran do, but maybe a little higher. You need
a shop vac or a hand vacuum pump for it to work as a one man deal.

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On Wed, 25 Feb 1998, John C. wrote:

> Where can I lay hands on one?
> John C.
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> >I bled my brakes last week and I generally have trouble doing it just
> >because it's always me alone. I do have one of those Lisle "One Man"
> >brake
> >bleeders, but it doesn't work well just because by the time I run to
> >close
> >the bleeder valve, air gets sucked in.. I have a Shop Vac and I attached
> >a vacuum hose over the the vacuum line of the bleeder. Put duct tape
> >over
> >the end of the shop vac pipe and taped the hose in there. Turned the vac
> >on, pumped the brake pedal once to get the fluid started and Voila!
> >.It's
> >great for when you want to completely flush the system, too.>>>>>>>>>>>.
> >
> >
> >Where's Rube Goldberg when you really need him! Have you tried the
> >pressure bleeder kits? There is one available in UK for about 20 L.
> >