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Re: S8+ tWIN tURBO

On Wed, 25 Feb 1998, Paul E. Rivera wrote:

>Ouch! Audi has released (or some great photographer) some so called spy
>shots photos of the new S8+ Twin Turbo. 440 HP! Auto Motor und Sport
>should have an article shortly. Yummy!

S8 was good. But it still lacks either the top power (my magic wand is
bigger than yours) or "mechanical prowess" (like a 12-cylinder). A twin
turbo S8 should quiet some of those critics.

>Audi also announced the A6 Avant V8 due in September in Germany. 250 Hp
>3.7L. Hmmmm...Will this be available in the Allroader to compete with the
>BMW 540 offroad wagon? Stay tuned....

>From one of UK magazines, I hear the Allroad show car is just that -- a
show car. There's no plan to make it into a production car. The rumor is
VW (or Audi) wants a partner for its upcoming platform which will become
the SUV/minivan. The story is they're hoping Porsche will be sharing the
platform with 'em (and, of course, the developement cost). But who knows?
If anything is approved, a minivan or SUV based on that platform will
come out in 2001 (earliest possible date) -- or so the rumor went...

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