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RE: here's a stumper...for me in any case

Thanks for replies from Harrison (gotta love a junkyard guy), Wolff
(wish I had a name like that), Dave Head (goin' to get my own special
plates...someday) and Fred M (not too many ca listers here...gotta
change that Fred)

Got the brushes for the alt., dash lights no longer 'glowing', don't
need a diode plate (good thing eh Fred...because I certainly couldn't
find anyone who had one).

There are others who helped me here and I wish I could thank them in
this note, but my first born said 'Dad, I need to clear some stuff out
for memory, is it okay to trash the mail?'  'Least  that's what I
remember...'course you ask him and it's a whole different story.

Best regards to all,