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Re: torsens & 'torque split'

> The analogy to an open diff would be to wrap the rope around a pully,
> put one person on each end of the rope, and tug with 100 lbs on the pully.

>                  ______________________ person
>     <-100lbs --(O______________________ person

> As long as both hold on with 50 lbs of pull, they both stay put.
> If one person starts to slip, the pully moves and the tugging on
> the second person lets up.

Nice analogy.  When the person is slipping, any force with which
s/he pulls back _is_ transmitted by the pulley to the second person,
so the second person still experiences a pull equal to whatever the
first person can still manage...  In the case of the diff,
the bevel gear is the pulley and its teeth act like the string...
which would be very difficult to draw... a pulley and string morphing
into gears!