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Tricked trip 183,000 thought 83,000

What's up list?

Well in Dec. of 96 I bought my 89 200Tq, after geting my DL back from DMV for
meeting a tree head on without ins. or reg. in my 87 5000q. (that's another
I bought the car from, at the time a known small car dealer here in Newark NJ.
The car had on the dash 62,000mi, looked great and ran great, so I bought it
without many questions asked.
Changed all the belts checked it out and my first test drive was to Rumford ME
for the rally.
Since then I put about 20,000mi on it, changed a couple of things like rotors,
pads, cooling stuff, shocks.
The other day I when't to the dealer was the car was bought in 1989, for the
airbag recall. The guy asked me how many miles on the car know, I said 83,000,
he said hows that if the car had 160's in Nov. of 96.

So now I know the car has 183,000 not 83,000, the truth comes out.
Before doing any action against the dealer I'll be going over there to see
what we can work out first, if not  we'll see

Carefull out there

89 200Tq 183,000mi was or thought it was 83,000mi
84 4000q 112,000mi
87 5000q 140,000mi (R.I.P.)  tree
87 4000s  70,000mi  (R.I.P.)  flood