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Re: Headlights

My 4000csq with dual bulb euros, is getting juice directly from the
alternator via relays to the bulb. It worked for me. The cable run is
extremely short, especially on the driver's side.

I forget the exact figures, but it goes something like this "For every 10%
drop in voltage the luminosity drops 33%." This seems a little drastic, but
my lights don't dim anymore when the rad fan comes on. My lights maintain
constant luminosity even when both Hifonics amplifiers are drawing full
volume amps. I have not had any problems with hardwiring to the alternator.

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>A different way of geting better lights (although iv'e yet to actually try
>is to create a lower resistance path from he battery to the bulb(s), i.e.
>without travelling half way around the car in the (thin) wiring harness
>Having just changed to the pre'82 split lights for my UrQ (the others got
>smashed) i need brighter lights;I propose trying this with a few relays
>mouunted near the lights switching power direct from the battery (using the
>existing wiring to do the switching)
>On the other hand it not improve much, anyone else tried this ?
>Dale Wheeler  ('84 UrQ)