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Re: Porsche/Audi SUV? (was: S8+ tWIN tURBO)

> development costs and would want to build it here.  It's clear the new
> (non-Detroit) SUV trend is towards more car-like vehicles.  The Allroad
> is perhaps the best concept to date ...

	I think the "trend" you speak of has been provoked by the
	new M-class Mercedes, which is somewhat different from the
	Legacy Outback/Allroad idea in execution.

	Talking about the M-class, it seems all set to eat other
	manufacturers' lunch ... but for the fact that Mercedes
	doesn't seem to be able to make enough (sold out for the
	next 12-14 months!). I saw one up close outside Pixar
	a few days ago, and I must say I was quite impressed: the
	first vehicle in its class that I would consider owning ..

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Pixar Animation Studios
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