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Re: Climate Control Spring Location '88 5ktq?

     Thanks to Tony Lum and the others who gave me tips on how the climate 
     control system works. As it turns out there was no spring and the 
     vacuum line had become separated from the actuator. I would have 
     replaced the vacuum line completely but couldn't figure out where the 
     other end went, so I just cut off the end and reattached it to the 
     actuator. I replaced the spring with one that has enough tension to 
     keep the flap closed but it only takes one finger against the 
     resistance of the spring to open the flap.
     Since doing this there is certainly a marked improvement in the flow 
     of air particularly to the wind screen and the the front side windows. 
     However sometimes (seems to be related to the speed you drive the car 
     i.e. happens more at speed? the flap "seems" to blow open and a lot of 
     extra air (usually cold) flows out of the flap. 
     My questions: 
     How stiff is the original spring? 
     Do you think I need a a stiffer spring? 
     Will Scott Mockry make me a custom spring?
     And should the spring have a blue mark?
     Thanks and regards, Mike