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Re: Anti lock brakes-Broke?

I have the same problem with my ABS, do you know where this relay lives?


John Graham wrote:

> Jkrd wrote:
> > I have a 1986 5000 CS Quattro and my anti lock system OFF light is always
> > lite on my
> > dash.and pushing the on/off switch does not change it.So I have no idea if
> > the anti lock part of my braking system works.
> > I do not know where to start looking for the problem. Can anyone help?
> >
> >                      Joan
>   There's a ABS power relay that has a fuse on the top of it.
> If that fuse is blown the ABS light will stay on.
> If the relay is bad the light will also stay on.
> John
> 1990 CQ