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Re: Lack of Boost, '88 5ktq

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Mike Hopton wrote:

>      I'm thinking the lack of boost is on the exhaust side and I'm guessing 
>      either the hot side of the turbo or a blockage in the exhaust system 
>      (cat?). What would be the best way to proceed to try and isolate the 

	If you really think it is the fault of the exhaust system, then 
you could remove the cat and go for a test drive.   It will be very loud 
as all of your exhaust will be exiting from the downpipe, but it will
eliminate the possibility of exhaust restriction.

	Sounds to me more like an electronic problem though.   I would 
suspect one of the temp sensors prohibiting higher boost levels.

	What boost control scheme are you running?  TAP? IA? QLCC?

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