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Control Arm Bushings

Original Message --
>I have picked up a set of control arm and subframe bushings for my
>coupe.  My neighbor (who should know) says to put the control arm
>bushings in I have to cut off almost all the flange part on one side of
>each.  Is this really true?  It seems to be a drag to have to hack up
>new parts to get them in.  Is the alternative some expensive VAG tool? 
>Or just lots of sweat, grime and cussing?  (there we go again!)
>Huw Powell

I replaced the control arm bushings on my 87 Coupe last year. I took the
bushings and the control arm to my favorite auto supply/machine shop and
they removed the old ones and installed the new ones. I must admit I heard a
lot of hammering and swearing from the back of the building but no cutting
was done and they been fine for the last year.
Bob Cummings - 87 Coupe GT 113,000 mi.