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Re: What is wrong with my quattro system? (Audi 5KQ)

At 05:37 2/26/98 PST, Mike Del Tergo wrote:
>David said,
>>I have noticed a great deal of difference between my former 87 4000q 
>and my 88 5000q.  The 4000 handled and tracked excellent, but, this 
>certainly isn't the case with my 5000.  When the roads are slippery 
>there is ALWAYS a tendancy for the back end to want to break loose. 
>Same thing happened when I went from the UrQ/4000Q to a 5000Q.  I 
>couln't believe it was a Quattro.  Remedy, tires!  I had some nice 
>summer tires on the car, went with an all season and voila!
>>Also, if I lock my center diff the car will understeer severely.  The 
>only way the differential will unlock is if I stop the car for about 5 
>seconds and then drive forward.  
>5000Qs' understeer badly, gotta work with it.  Your diffs don't sound 
>unusual, check for vacuum leaks.  My UrQ likes 5 feet of reverse to 
>unlock, while the 5000 does it on the fly.


My 4000 unlocked within 1 second of turning off the switch even at highway
speeds.  Strange... the rear tires are slightly worn so this could mean
some worn suspension parts... I guess I should check things out this weekend!

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