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dash bulbs P/N clarification?

I recently mail-ordered some replacement bulbs and received what I believe
to be the wrong ones. After a frustrating conversation was unable to clear
up my confusion (or the parts guy's confusion) over the phone.  I'd like to
call him back and tell him the precise P/N I want.  Currently, the bulbs in
my instument cluster ('90 90q20V) are either large square white base
(lots), large square black base (only two of these), or small hex black
base (behind the warning lights).  (The large square white and large square
black appear to mount in similar locations, what's the distinction?)

The large square white base (panel illumination) bulbs (stamped 1.2W, I
think) are the ones I need to replace.  The parts guy claims that all the
bulbs now have small bases.(?)

I received:
P/N 893 919 040 A 	  small green base, 2W, not what I need
P/N 893 919 040 C  	  small black base, 1.2W, *red bulb cover*,(retail
$7.50!!!) again, not what I need, but where does this bulb go go?

The 20V site lists:
P/N 893 919 040	 Black base bulb, 1.2 W   --  Alternative source: OSRAM P/N

Is this definitely the bulb I need?  What about the orange base bulb that
I've heard of, but never seen?

Ken Creel
'90 90q20V