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Re: Koni returns

I just got off the phone with RD Enterprises about their warranty
policy.  They said any returns should go through the distributor that
the shocks were purchased from.  You would first have to purchase a new
set through them and then send the bad ones back to them (RD Ent.). They
would in turn send the bad ones back to Koni and Koni would give credit
for the bad ones.  Seems like alot of jerking around to me.  They said
Koni could either agree or refuse to give the credit depending on
whether or not they think the failure was due to something other than
normal wear and tear or defect (i.e. abuse, incorrect application etc.).
Seems like alot of jerking around to me.

They said they have never seen Koni require the registration or title of
the vehilce for warranty.  He suspected maybe Koni wanted this because
the warranty request was going directly through Koni rather than through
a distributor.

He said that this purchase payback warranty policy is an industry
standard and the Bilstein units they sell would have the same procedure.
Sound like alot of jerking around to me.

For whatever it is worth he said the warranty returns on Konis is very

Maybe I should have looked closer at Boge Turbo!!!!!!!

Russ "Jerking Around" Southerlin
87 5KCTQ
Littleton, CO