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S4 Chargecooler

I have approached a UK company who will manufacture a custom watercooled
chargecooler for the S4/S6. It will sit in the place of the existing IC
and will require a slim radiator up front (in front of the A/C rad) and
a header tank (where, I don't know!)  They are confident that this will
keep the charge temp down to around the 35-40 deg C range (I've seen
90-100 deg C at worst).  They are quoting a cost of around 450UKP
(~$720) for a complete kit (maybe less as I think this includes the
labor to fit).  I would like to go back to this company with an
indication of the number of owners who might be interested in such a
system as it might drive the price down!

Mine will be the guinea pig and they will fit an adapter to the cooler
outlet to accept a water injector. I will then get the mappable water
injection system fitted and take temp measurements before and after each
stage and report back with all the figures.

It will then go back on the rollers to be remeasured before the RS2
injector upgrade and retest.

Regards, Malcolm