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Re: MB ML320

>I felt that it had been built to a price point...that overall it wasn't
>quite up to the fit&finish standards of your typical MB. Course car show
>cars do get abused, and this one was missing various bits and pieces. It is
>probably nicer at the dealer's showroom...

My cousin and I both agreed the interior fit and finish is below par for
any MB. But he put a deposit of $1000 anyway in the 12-month waiting list.
He didn't like the exterior at all, but was hoping the V8-equipped ones
with fender flares would fix it. The highway ride is actually nice for a
SUV, but I still miss the point of it.

>The MB has gotten good reviews, and will kick the butt of the Grand
>Cherokee and the like. It's not an ultimate offroader, but 99% of its
>target audience couldn't care less.

Donno. For some reasons unkown, I have one nagging suspecion MB has bought
out all the MB reviews. Why in the world would R&T send me several issues
of the special MB ML issue? Why are they so generous? And to this date,
almost all the reviews sound too good to be real...

AoA better make that A6 Avant come here soon since my mommy is also
looking for a replacement for her minivan. And it better  come with the
twin turbo V6 setup -- the normally aspirated V6 is totally inadequate to
move it (9++ seconds to 60Mph!?).

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