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Re: Lack of Boost, '88 5ktq


>The patient is a 1988 5ktq. I've been fighting a lack of boost problem >for some time and would like to seek the list's advice before      proceeding.

The Multi-funtion Temp switch should be tested as this could limit the
boost if it thinks the engine is too hot. Go to


The Waste Gate solenoid can be tested using the ECU Output Tests. Go to


You can also test out the WG solenoid by connecting an LED across the
solenoid connections and then take it out for a test drive. Go to 


>      I'm thinking the lack of boost is on the exhaust side and I'm >guessing either the hot side of the turbo or a blockage in the exhaust >system     (cat?). What would be the best way to proceed to try and >isolate the problem?

If you have the pre-cat sniffer pipe which is bolted to the intake
manifold (blue cap), you can connect a pressure gauge and check the
exhaust back pressure. Go to 


and check out the Exhaust section. I have added some new info on
checking the back pressure.
Scott Mo.
1989 200TQ