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Re: What is this car?

> I did.  Immediate reaction was that it is a tricked out Chevy Impala
> SS. Naw.  Couldn't be.  Almost looks too long to be a 200.  Thought
> I'd get tricky and check the source code to see how it was identified.
> The people who put the web page together siply identified it as
> "spring1.htm"

Can't be Chevy. Take a look at:


There are 2 more pics of the beast. The lower image in the Hella fog
lamp section shows the 4 rings. :) Damn lovely job to this car as even
the normal chrome lining around the lights has been given the black-out

To me it looks like a 5k. Got to have a close look at the door handles
and you'll juuuuust make out that they not the late model "flats", but
the normal '80s lever thing. Wasn't that one difference to the 200 from
the 5k?

> Black out those windows a bit more and it is a car Darth Vader would
> have loved.


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