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Fuel pump break in

I've had a question for a while. I was wondering if the fuel pump was
broken in or at least run the first few minutes  with oil or a lube of
some sort (maybe Marvel and/or gasoline) if it would make a difference on
it's life. In the radio controlled car area, we were all tought by bearing
and electric motor companies that the first few minutes of operation is
the most critical in that it determines how long it'll last and how well.
Why would it be any different for fuel pumps? They have rotary vanes (I
hope I'm right on the naming) and rollers in between that run against the
inner radius of a cylinder. If it was broken in with something with a
lubricating value instead of gasoline that's a corrosive and non
lubricating, would it be possible to make it last longer? Are the moving
parts chromed inside? What generally goes bad?

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