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Re: More 200T problems

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From: Alex Scortzaru <Alex.Scortzaru@uvm.edu>
Date: Wednesday, February 25, 1998 11:58 AM
Subject: More 200T problems

>my car started to have strange electrical problems like the voltage is
>going bellow 12v and three warning lights are coming on - battery, brake
>and another one - and the book said the I have a problem on the
>alternator/battery electrical circuit. This problem goes away if I start
>the car and I press very hard on my gas pedal, and I need to do this like
>two,three times.
>   So I am very confused of what is going on. Can the replacement of the
>three v-belts cause this kind of problems. Do these people know what they
>are doing? Personally I am afraid to bring the car back to them but if they
>caused all these problems how I can get them to have some responsibilities?
>I am looking at future repair costs of at least $1200 (A/C Compressor and
>now maybe alternator).
>  Sorry for the long message but I don't really now how to get out from
>this mess.
>   Alex Scortzaru
Hi Alex;

    Since your alternator belt is new, the electrical problem you are seeing
is probably a loose belt. This belt is undersized for the alternator load
and stretches a lot when new. You usually have to tighten it frequently
until it runs in.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  246k km