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more torsens in racing audis

this time from "fast lane", march 1991, pg 67.

the car being described is the 1991 DTM audi v8. (frank beila's
championship winning car in 1991, hans stuck won it the previous

"transmission type: permanent  4wd with alternative torsen/ZF limited
slip rear differentials/viscous coupling, torsen central power split,
viscous coupling front differential;  tested with ZF rear, torsen
central at 40% front, 60% rear power split" 

ok, 2 different magazines published 5 years apart, describing 2 totally
different racing quattros participating in two totally different racing
series with different rules, both saying that torsen is used as the center
diff some of the time or all of the time. 

are we to still believe the claim that audi "never ever used the
torsen (as center diff) for their racing cars"?

i think that claim has been successfuly debunked... and i have not
even gone to my autosport archives yet.... (i think that i will find
that audi has used torsen in their street racers from day 1)

unless of course all the magazines are wrong....  :)