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torsens in factory racing quattros: confirmation

     Something that I feel should be pointed out is that both sides (Scott,
Elliot) could be correct in this one.  Since no one has any vested interest in
the discussion, we must accept the information offered at face value until
facts are offered that contradict one or the other.
     It appears from what has been posted, that the Torsen system provided in
street vehicles is different from what is on the race vehicles.  Torque split
seems to be fixed in the race cars, but not on the street cars.  From one of
Scott's quotes it appears that the non-fixed version was not popular with the
drivers (S1 apparently) and there was a changed to a fixed torque split.  This
is consistent with Elliot's quotes where Torsen is specifically called out,
but then so is a fixed split (apparently changed from 50/50 to 60/40).
     In dealing with the "best evidence", it would appear that the gist of
Scott's claim is correct -- that the race cars do not use the same AWD system
as offered on the street cars.  Similar, it seems, but not the same.  It may
very well be a Torsen unit, as Elliot's quote tend to indicate, but not the
same as what is on the street cars in the U.S.  And it's very possible that
Scott is correct in his assumption of why.