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Chipping my S4 yes, but with who's chips

I am running a plain vanilla 93' S4 with about 70k miles. I enjoy its performance, but I am told there are hidden abilities that can be released by chip modification. Btw I hate the 210km speed limiter. Why does Audi stop me from racking up speeding tickets (it comes on Z tires)?
Now that the Canadian warranty is over I am open to suggestions. However I am getting conflicting information. Here some statements
An Audi/Porsche tuner: do not put a chip alone, you need an exhaust manifold to get any decent improvement. Are they trying to sell their manifold, and therefore discount the effect of a chip?
An Audi dealer: "We had many combacks, and we tried TAP, IA etc.". They gave no info as to who's would work fine.
My questions that I have:
1. I don't know what problems can occur with chips. Can  anyone define potential "problem"? What are the chances for problems with chipped S4s' ?
2. Actual users tell me that a chip alone actually does make a MAJOR perfomance difference. Can anyone attest to this?
3. Has anyone compared i.e. 0-60 times before / after?
3. I hear of TAP / IA / Hoppen, as main suppliers in this field. What are the criteria to select one or the other? Can anyone enlighten me on what the differences are?
Some say I can gain +45HP, TAP claims +65HP....do I just have to go on a "trust-me" basis?
4. Does such a modification bring along other necessary modifications that do not appear in the chip pricing?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Hans Krause
93' S4 (series II)