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Re[4]: Lack of Boost, '88 5ktq

     Ignore my comments to you this morning about clamping the wastegate 
     hose. I repeated this today at lunch, instead of using vice grips to 
     pinch the hose going to the top of the wastegate (hey I thought it was 
     a good idea at the time) I diconnected it completely and plugged both 
     the end of the line and the connector on the wastegate. Hey presto 
     5-6psi in 2nd gear, on the short chance I had to test at lunch I was 
     getting 6-7psi in 3rd with WOT.
     Conclusion: my low boost problem is related to the way the 
     ECU/Frequency valve is controlling the wastegate. Thank goodness, it's 
     probably something electrical :}
     Give me a soldering iron a couple of resistors and LEDs, some more 
     wiring through the firewall, Scott M's MAC-11 pin out off his web page 
     which is at:-
     and I should be able to get it sussed.
     Thanks for all the inputs, regards, Mike