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Some understanding of the flames

Before we go too far into the torsen in racing argument, let's suffice it to
say that the torsen you have in your street car has never been used on any
factory car.  Please, please, before anyone does more intelligence, why not
take a look at Jeff's website:


That is the tech paper from the horses mouth.  INTERESTING to note, you CAN
make a torsen spit where ever you so desire (I would suppose within some
physical limits), so torsen centers can be made to be 60/40 or 45/55 to 65/35
by changing helix angle and/or the friction of the side gears (the "shims"
Graydon referred to 2 years ago).

I am happy to continue this discussion, but speculation is running way out of
hand.  Torsen centers can be (and probably have been) used in racing,
specifically to the audis we drive (at 75/25/75), no.  Why would they, they
aren't the best way around a corner, by the definition technically explained
in that same paper.


Scott Justusson