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4kq idiot light

You're coolant level is low in the overflow tank.  I'd check for plastic
disintegration or weepage at the hose underneath.

>A couple of times in the past day I've had the temp light come on(very
>briefly) under similiar circumstances. Both times happened while
>through a tight turn(once to the left, once to the right). Symptom is a
>quick(and on a sustained 180 degree turn uphill not so quick... long
>for me to see the flash, look down, see it was temp, then see the light go
>out, the second time it happened was a freeway on-ramp and I probably
>wouldn't have seen the flash if I hadn't been looking for it) flash of the
>light, but no increase in the reading on the temperature gauge(which was
>reading somewhat below the point where the fan usually kicks in, so I'm
>pretty sure I wasn't seeing real overheating).
>So, the questions... are both the temp gauge and the idiot light triggered
>off the same sensor? Regardless, where is the sensor that triggers the
>light? I'm sort of assuming a wiring disintegration, but has anyone else
>this happen and found otherwise?
> -Alex
> 1971 Volvo 142E        1994 Volvo 944T
> 1987 Porsche 911 Targa      1986 Audi 4000cs Quattro