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RE: 10/10'ths In The Snow/Winter Driving Tips (longish)

>#2 The wet slush is much thicker ahead of the snow plow. (Hello McFly!,
>I passed a snow plow and as I started back into my lane under
>acceleration, the thicker slush in the right lane "grabbed" the right
>wheels and spun the car to the right. I got off the gas and counter
>steered. I was "slushtroplaning" briefly, but it was so thick it
>scrubbed off speed quickly and the rear came back in line. I was only
>sliding for less than a second I would say and used less than a half
>turn of steering wheel to correct it. Definitely learned my lesson on
>that one though.

Yep. Best way I found to handle this is to stay on the power and steer.
Backing off the power, or even worse - braking - is poison! Just stay on
the power or gently apply more power and power/steer your way out of trouble.
Experience and confidence help a lot here..... It can be very non-intuitive to
apply even more power when in trouble....
>Why aren't you supposed to use chains on 215/60/15's? and Why would you
>need to?

Chain/body/suspension clearance?