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Re: more torsens in racing audis

>Get off of it!  How many people must show that Audi used the torsen in racing!

And O.J. didn't kill Nicole Brown and Clinton really didn't have any sexual
involvement with Monica Lewinsky ... by your logic, both of these statements
MUST be true since they represent the official versions and come directly
from sources that unquestionably have firsthand knowledge of the truth.
Yeah, right...

That said, I wonder if Audi might not be using the word "Torsen" in the
generic sense to refer to a different make/model of Torsen diff than the
Gleason version that was used in their street cars.  As you probably know,
there are at least three other manufacturers of "Torque Sensing"
differentials that I'm aware of and they all use different -- and in one
case, VERY different -- designs that may behave differently...

If you won't accept that the Audi PR department might have gotten it wrong,
maybe you'll accept that they may have oversimplified things a bit?  Surely
even a Teutonically perfect PR department is occasionally guilty of that, right?

Anyway, like I said previously, it's time for me to get back to doing tax
work...   :^(
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