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FS 90 90Q

Local car in my neighborhood.  No relation, but I know the owner.

1996 AUDI 90 Quattro
156k (50 I94 miles each way to/from work)
5 speed
black with black leather interior
standard AUDI Stereo & tape
YOKOHAMA tires, 30k miles on them
suspect car has a performance chip in it
airbag recall completed
very careful about service
everything works
asking $10k

contact Paul Neumiller, 414 646-8317, Delafield, Wisconsin
e-mail paul.neumiller@med.ge.com,

Roland Broberg
W319N657 Shagbark Glen
Delafield, WI 53018-2818
Current: 90V8Q Fmr:91 100, 86 5KTQ, 84 5K