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Re: more torsens in racing audis

>Actually what I find interesting is that when an article supports yours/others
>stance, it must be correct; however, when it contradicts said opinion we must
>question the source.  Yeah I think OJ and Bill did it.  By your statement, all
>oficial versions are lies, except when it suits you.

Not necessarily; I'm always open to the truth.  The point I was making is
having been a journalist myself, I know all too well -- firsthand, even! --
just how inaccurate much of the technical information that makes it into
print really is. 

Thanks to the vetting process employed by academic and/or trade journals,
this isn't usually a problem there but when it comes to popular (i.e., sold
on the newsstand) periodicals, the standards aren't nearly as tight ... like
I said, I've BTDT myself on occasion and thus I'm that much more critical as
a result.  If you want proof of this as it relates to Audis, buy yourself
the Brooklands Ur-Q book as well as the four volumes from Transport Source
Books and re-read all of the published articles about the Ur-Q.  These
articles are riddled with errors, omissions and misstatements of facts,
something that becomes all the more obvious when they are assembled together
in one place and we've had the benefit of more than a decade to collectively
sort out the truth.

And while you're at it, pull out your trusty Bentley manual and take a good
look through it ... are you sure that EVERYTHING written about Audis by
"official" sources is always the truth and nothing but?  I'm also not sure
how I ended up in the "Audi never used a Torsen center diff in any of its
racecars" camp, anyway ... so 
far as I can recall, that particular statement never danced off *my*
fingertips.  :^)
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