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Re:checking final drive oil

I have found that the easy way to check that pain in the *** is thru the
speedo gear
opening. 1st disconnect the cable, then with a long extension & a #10
socket with
grease in it(to hold the nut) undo the clamp that holds the spreedo gear
in ( be careful
not to drop the clamp down in the bell housing)and remove the speedo gear
with a long pair of needle nose pliers. Take the dip stick from the
engine wipe it clean, and go straight in the speedo gear opening at the
same angle as the gear was. the oil should be approx half way up the
front side of  hump in the stick.You can then add to
or pump out any excess. put the gear back in exactly the way it came out
( so the clamp will go back in the correct position,put the nut back on
and the speedo cable, or sending unit if it's a turbo,and your done. It
sounds complicated,but after you've done it once it's simple.

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